Fast ACID Table-Style Document NoSQL Database

Best lightweight stable self-contained embeddable database.
Small fast multi-threaded engines have zero deployment cost.

Dual Core Application Database
For   JAVA   C#   Android   Unity   Xamarin   Mono   Linux   Windows.

Best lightweight stable standalone self contained NoSQL document database, java .net core android xamarin mono. embedded database nosql storage engines, small fast multithreaded engine has zero deployment cost, for real time and embedded applications. lite NoSQL DB with SQL support and object relational mapping ORM, ACID transaction document database. C# Java embeddable NoSQL database best Key-Value and Key-Only document database.


[FREE] iBoxDB.NET v3.1   iBoxDB.JAVA v3.1
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Directly Select
Transaction Huggers
Mirror Copy
Prototype Columns
IBoxRecycler changed to 'override' from 'implement'
New File Format, incompatible with 2.x
don't hurry to upgrade, 2.x are good enough.
3.0+ using bigger memory settings

[FREE] iBoxDB.NET v2.33   iBoxDB.JAVA v2.27
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Adjusted: DatabaseConfig
Adjusted: Load to Memory in Select()
Improved: IFunction
Added: Ason, Array Script Object Notation

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Self Hosted Search Engine Android

Benchmark Code

Version 3.0 With MySQL Java Maven
Version 3.0 With SQLite C#

Version 2.X With MySQL Java Maven
Version 2.X With MongoDB Java
Version 2.X With SQLite C#


Blazor Wasm Client
Snapshot and Serializable Isolations in one Transaction
Key Only Example
Gradle Demo jMonkeyEngine
Nuget Package
.NET Linq, integrating with SQL ORM -XPO


The DB Life Cycle
Use DatabaseServer to Manage Configs
JSP Config
Save DB as String
Unity3D WebGL Save
Cache Only & Heat Up
Complex Search, Region Control
Changed Values
Multiple Applications
Forward CRUD
Big Cache
Mobile Cache
Dataset Combiner
Customize .NET Strong Name


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