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Fast ACID Table Style Document NoSQL Application Database

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Project Description

iBoxDB is a fast transactional table style document NoSQL Application Database, easily store, process objects and documents, traditional table with unstructured data, zero configuration, pure JAVA and .NET engines, no dependencies.

iBoxDB has a well designed interface with great performance and capability for agile development. You can create applications with database services embedded and deploy it on mobiles, desktops, servers, to persist your data from anywhere.

Dual Core Application Database
For   JAVA   C#   Android   Unity   Xamarin   Mono   Nashorn   Linux   Windows



iBoxDB.NET v2.17.3   iBoxDB.JAVA v2.8.3
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iBoxDB.NET v2.17   iBoxDB.JAVA v2.8
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New BoxData format

The DB Life Cycle
Use DatabaseServer to Manage Configs
JSP Config
Save DB as String
Unity3D WebGL Save
Cache Only & Heat Up
Customize .NET Strong Name
Complex Search, Region Control
Java 9 Automatic-Module-Name
Java 7,8 GC option

Full Text Search FTS JAVA
Full Text Search FTS C#
Key Only Example JAVA
Snapshot and Serializable Isolations in one Transaction
Java9 [module-info.java] Update
Nashorn JavaScript

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